Thursday, May 21, 2009

So, So Busy...

Have some pictures:

Don't forget Bean's Birthday next month, see y'all there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Bean is almost a year old, that's difficult to believe.

We are going to be celebrating on the day of his birthday, Friday 12th June, and everybody is invited.

During the day his Beanship will be receiving guests, fraternizing with his baby comrades, and accepting tributes. If anyone would like to come along for a hug and a bit of a play please do (gifts really not necessary, Beano has so much stuff).

Later that night, once his royal oneness has gone to bed, we will continue to celebrate Bean's anniversary in a manner befitting responsible adults. This shall be known as the real party, it will be of the dress-up variety (theme: books), and it shall be hearty and rambunctious, as Bean would want it. Again, all welcome.

Mama has started a Facebook event for the party, as she is want to do, RSVP there if you feel the need.

Hope to see you all soon.