Monday, June 15, 2009


On Friday the 12th of June it was Hunter Slammy's 1st Birthday. He had a steady stream of visitors throughout the day and hosted a fantastic party throughout the night.

Bean was greeted by a lounge full of balloons when he first awoke, which thrilled him to no end. He seemed to really enjoy the sensation of being able to push things around on a grand scale, kicking the balloons all over the room.

His Mama handmade a dozen beautiful stuffed birds for the little man, presented to him in a pink bucket.

He loved the birds, but as tends to be the case it was the packaging that got the most attention.

He was also gifted a wooden flute (purportedly from our cat, Skelly) which he wasted no time in sussing out. After a few seconds of inquisitive chewing he was soon hip to the fact that blowing into the thing made a shrill noise. Which just happens to be his favourite kind of noise.

I bought Bean an authentic miniature bomber jacket for his birthday. It's a little big for him but it still looks damn warm.

To further add to Hunter's playtime cacophany he recieved a rowd butterfly keyboard from his great granddad, and this neat little musical tree ball slide thingy from his great grandmothers...

... Pip and Rae.

Here is the party boy with Liz, who dropped in during the day to deliver presents (superhero toys!) and returned later in the night for the costume party dressed as Death.

Bean finally got his hands on the classic hammer and peg toy set as well as a carton of crazy eggs, care of...

Granddad David and Gandma Jo. Bean is a big fan of the hammer, but he's already found much more interesting things to hit than pegs (the cat is less a fan of the hammer).

Here's the little man in his outfit for the night's party, Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

And here's the adorable costume with customary crown. King of the Wild Things, suits him pretty well.

Here's the little skinhead modeling a very cozy looking kitted hat care of his Aunty Genevieve.

Cut to a little later in the night and Bean is partying with his Auntie Steph and Tim, from whom he received a rather snazzy pair of bumblebee shoes. Steph knows how much I love Kiwiana.

This delicious morsel is the cake lovingly crafted by Mama. Apple sauce and dark chocolate, nom.

His Royal Highness is practically overcome by the spectacle, he may not have been able to blow out the candles...

...but he certainly made short work of the cake itself.

I was a little disappointing by how completely unperturbed he was by my terrifying Cthulu costume, but I guess a good cake can make you brave.

Other hearty revelers with the gumption to dress up included Callum as the crime fighting Spirit, and Nicole as the tea-obsessed Mad Hatter (though that was certainly not tea in her teapot). Excellent job guys.

Not pictured, thanks to my crappy camera dying on me, are Lucy and Pert who came dressed in fantastic Where's Wally costumes. I do, however, have this picture of the rather amazing amount of balls they gifted to Bean for his Birthday.

Nick didn't manage a costume, but that didn't stop him stealing a hat and drinking all my whiskey. He's lucky Hunter Slammy is rather fond of his Uncle Nick.

It was a great day and Bean was practically buzzing with excitement the whole time. He was very, very spoilt so thanks to everyone who came along or sent through their love remotely, you made Hunter's day (not to mention his parents').

Phew, that's year one down, can't be too many more until he's basically looking after himself, right?

Friday, June 5, 2009


On the 25th of May a giant assemblage of citizens converged at the bottom of Queen St and marched to Town Hall to protest the government's current plans to transform Auckland into a less-representative 'super city'. Despite the horrible weather, Bean made an appearance.

The turnout was amazing, with a diverse range of activist groups turning up along with many individual citizens troubled by the fact that their democratic rights had, once again, been railroaded.

Some nice old lady gave Bean a helium filled balloon to hold, which fascinated him to no end. His favourite thing to do was whip it about frantically, hitting passers by indiscriminately in the face.

I closed my store for a little longer than I should have in order to join the ranks; Hikoi-ing is slow business so I wasn't able to stick around for the full length of the stretch. Apparently the mood stayed energetic and friendly throughout, with lots of chanting and song into the afternoon.

It was an inspiring display and I was glad to be there, even if participation by so many diverse groups meant the Hikoi's over-riding demands were less unified (some were there to secure Maori representation within the new system, others opposed the creation of the 'super city' entirely, etc.).

While the government’s proud tradition of completely ignoring its people's demands will no doubt continue unimpeded despite all this, at least if Bean ends up inheriting this diversity-suppressing, community-crushing legacy we now have photographic evidence that we tried.