Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Ghost, Little Ghost

Halloween kind of crept up on us this year, occasions requiring costumes are usually treated with a fair amount of effort (see: Max, Cthulu) but when Friday the 30th rolled around and Bean needed an outfit for his daycare spooktacular we were caught quite unawares.

Luckily Mama is fairly handy with a needle and thread and managed to MacGyver up an adorable little ghost number, post haste. The real trick to a good ghost costume is to not have it look like a Klansman's getup, which I think she nailed, look how cute:

Later that night Bean, Uncle Pert and I hit the Halloween Living Wage protest, in which zombie workers rose up to demand fair pay, vampire bosses were burnt at the stake, and The Monster Mash was blasted ad nauseum. Good times.

Picture kindly stolen with no permission whatsoever from Resistance Photography.

Here's the White Stripes playing Bean's theme for the night:

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